Veinoflow SCD

Product Name : Veinoflow SCD
Product Code : LBTK-M-I 5001

Product Information:-


  • Optimized compression cycle
  • Individual configuration
  • Big LCD display


Features Description
Optimum Pressure
  • Gradient pressure : thigh, calf, ankle, differential pressure value by 5mmHg sequentially, completely individual adjustment
  • Circumferential pressure : inflatable leg garments provide 360° pressure
  • Continuous pressure : in a pressure cycle, inflate the ankle cavity, calf cavity, thigh cavity sequentially, until the three cavities reached the set pressure
  • Intermittent pressure cycle : automatically adjust the pressure intermittent according to the optimum pressure cycle of each patient
Treatment Time
  • Continuously work more than 72 hours.
  • 0 - 240 minutes treatment time setting function
  • Personalize adjustment
  • Automatic adjustment
  • High and low pressure alarm function
  • Lithium battery
Leg garments & foot cuff
  • TPU material, independent inflation for thigh, calf and ankle cavity.
  • Leg garments and foot cuff optional.
  • Leg garments 30 - 60mmHg adjustable, foot cuff 120 - 160mmHg adjustable
  • Ventilation holes


Scope of Application

  • in bed or immobilize patient for more than 72 hours
  • multiple trauma
  • perioperative period
  • vein wall injury
  • hypercoagulability
  • venous stasis / venous dysfunction
  • associated with respiratory failure, stroke cancer and other high risk factors patient groups.

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