Veinoacc SCD

Product Name : Veinoacc SCD
Product Code : LBTK-M-I 5004

Product Information:-


Veinoacc SCD is a clinically-proven, non-invasive mechanical compression for DVT therapy.

The equipment consists of the Veinoacc controller, non-disposable tubing, and disposable garments.

The Veinoacc SCD helps hinder thrombus formation by giving compressions to the limb, which incease blood flow and also reduces stasis and simulates the body's natural way of breaking down clots, fibrinolysis.

  • the pump can automatically recognize the type of garments attached and modifies the therapy cycle to the appropriate setting for optimal prophylaxis using the Garment Recognition System.
  • capable of recognizing when only one garment has been attached, the Veinoacc SCD pump technology acan allow for single garment use.
  • uninterrupted real time monitoring warrant optimal therapy delivery inspire variations in the set up, garment application and patient movement.
  • alarm system with audio and visual capabilities classifies alarm conditions and lower disturbacnes to both the patient and care giver.

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