ETG-03 Enditracheal Tube Holder

Product Name : ETG-03 Enditracheal Tube Holder
Product Code : ETG-03

Product Information:-


  • Black Twist Lock : provides extra securty for the tube position. The lock pivots to hold the clip in place.
  • Locking Clip : slides into place to secure ET tubes (size 4.5 ~ 14mm). The patented gearrack quickly snaps into place to secure tubing.
  • Off Set Position : provides wide access to the mouth. Visualize, suction or perform oral care as needed without moving the tube holder.
  • Velcro Strap :  wraps quickly and easily around the patient's head to secure.
  • Oral & easy to clean.
  • Available as two-way Left & Right position.
  • Exchangeable module; exchangeable body cushion saves time

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