Breathing Circuit

Product Name : Breathing Circuit
Product Code : 6602111180

Product Information:-

Description :

  1. Breathing circuit is made of EVA. The corrugated tubes have a good flexibility and bending resistance.
  2. Breathing circuit uses the 22 mm standard connector, connection reliability with monitoring devices.
  3. Breathing circuit uses standard connector taht is simple and convenient for clinic or hospital.
  4. The cytotoxicity test, anaphylaxis test and skin-stimulation test indicate thath the roduct will not bring stimulation to patient, allergic reactions and any other damage.


Indication for Use :

Breathing circuit is used in anesthesia machine or breathing machine, as air link to send anesthetic gases, oxygen and other medical gases into the body of the patient.


Specification :

  • Product Code    : 6602111180
  • Size                  : 1.8 m (Adult)
  • Type                 : with breathing bag.

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