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We undertake the distribution of approved pharmaceuticals and medical products to all government hospitals including those managed by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education, Hospitals under Ministry of Health and several private institutions including dental and veterinary departments. These products range from pharmaceuticals (tablets, galenicals, injectibles, etc), narcotics and psychotropic drugs (Pethidine, Morphine, etc), vaccines, insulins, parental infusions (IV drips, etc).

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List Of Registered Products Drug Control Authority, Ministry Of Health Malaysia
This database is a cummulative list comprising of drugs registered with the Drug Control Authority since 1985. This list consists of registration number, product name, name of product registration holder and name of manufacturer only.
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MIMS Reference System is the hallmark of drug information for over 30 years in Asia-Pacific
MIMS Reference System is the hallmark of drug information for over 30 years in Asia-Pacific. It is the most advanced, complete and up-to-date information source on available products. Through the years, MIMS Reference System has continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of Asia's health professionals, making drug information accessible in Print, CD-ROM, Online, PDA or LAN.
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